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Energiewende für Deutschland

Stabile Strom­versorgung für Afrika

FairGrid stabilizes the electricity grids, provides the technical requirements and financial incentives for grid connected PV systems, and also ensures safe, simple and cost-effective billing. Thus, FairGrid promotes the energy transition in Africa.

Fröhliche Familie

Quality of Life

Proper cooling for food, cooking with electricity, home and street lighting, power for TV and laptop improve the quality of life.


Expansion of the Internet

A stable network is an essential prerequisite for the expansion of the Internet. This will provide a basis for economic development outside of cities.

Weiterbildung, Fernstudium

Further education

Further education Everywhere available Internet and a stable power supply for laptop and TV enables inquisitive young people a distance learning, also outside of the big cities.


Economic growth

Stable power supply is a prerequisite for job creation. Foreign investors require a functioning grid.

Solar Plant in africa

Solar systems & workplaces

A stabilized power grid (FairGrid) allows to integrate photovoltaic systems. A booming PV market will create new jobs.


Protect the environment

FairGrid protects the environment; a stable grid reduces power consumption and promotes the use of renewable energies. Limiting CO2-emissions is essential for the country and the whole world.

cooking with wood

Example Cooking

Replace cooking with kerosene or wood by electric stoves. Kerosene stoves, gas cookers, wood fires pollute the air, lead to deforestation and tie up manpower

Diesel generator

Diesel generators

The FairGrid will not work without diesel generators. But it will reduce their use substantially, thereby reducing pollution and CO2 emissions.